We believe that sustainable housing can be affordable to all those who want it.

Pillars of the EcoINstead™ model:

  • Place – The unique attributes of a location matter and are the starting point for design
  • People – Synergistic Human to Human connections are the foundation for development
  • Organizations – Collaboration with relevant local, regional and state, national and international organizations
  • Physical Infrastructure – Focus on locally sourced products with highest impact per dollar ratio

Community. Built.

An open sourced, collaborative network of pioneers co-creating communities that empower deeper connection to place, neighbors and neighborhoods. It takes a village to make a village.

Home is Where the ♥ is

For thousands of years ago our homes were cocoons for our evolution of consciousness.   We believe that a  home should be a sanctuary;  a place to retreat, create, heal, rest, nurture, grow and expand.

Who's at Your Hearth?

Our species evolved in bands and tribes. Our community could literally fit around the fire every night. Back then it meant something to be part of a tribe. Wisdom, hope, laughter, love, growth and bonds were built by the fire. It’s time to return to our roots.

Resource Stewardship

The spirit of place is the unique qualities of the land under our feet. Aligning with the spirit of each place unlocks opportunities for carbon neutral living. It’s time to flip the paradigm of modern real estate development and build communities with only what we need AND nothing that we don’t.

What We Eat Matters

Local and loving it is a lifestyle not just a slogan. Food is our medicine, friend and statement of impact. Nourishment comes from the Earth.

Financially Accessible

To catalyze a shift in how communities are built and experienced, we need to rethink the economic models that govern the housing market. Sustainability should include fiscal freedom. True and lasting change happens when sustainable housing doesn’t come with a premium price tag.


We value connections over consumption. Time is the ultimate currency. We prioritize our lives around our most valuable resource and we want to be around others who do the same. That’s how communities become neighborhoods and neighborhoods become tribes.